Friday, March 07, 2014

DLP #9 Collage something you would recyle


Week  #9 in the Document your life planner , the
challenge was use something you would recyle in a collage.
As it happens I just received my circle art journal in the mail
and sent me
some lovely emphera, and she had it in a lovely
decorated envelope with some lovely homemade
touches, so I incorporated them in my page, she
also sent me one of her postcards and I am
going to use it in as a tip in.

I really am enjoying using my planner, not only as a art
project, but as a planner keeping my day in order,
things I want to do, I have my bucket list in there,
I am working on a  100 of my favorite songs
and once I have them all down, I am going to use
my itune gift certificates.  I am not rushing into
choosing my favorite tunes.
Do you use a planner?



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