Wednesday, March 12, 2014

swim girl....

today I am late posting
no excuses, I have nothing of value to say
I live a life that sometimes I am bored with
I have been staying around the house
keeping the hubster company.  The
only other thing I do is still swim
every morning. I have not even
been to the art store.  I know, I know
I feel the need coming on.


  1. Lee...your swim girl is cute. Swimming is such good exercise. I also dig the Beatles page you did in the last post. :)

  2. Lee, your swim girl is very good. She represents a slightly different style, yet she has your clear mark. I'm so amazed on your painting skills, it seems you master whatever technique you find attractive in the very moment.Well done!

    Boring life.......... juice it up, girl, juice it up! Imagination can bring you to new and wild adventures. It all depends on letting the mind loose. You could start a new topic called Friday adventures ( a little scary perhaps) or Wednesday adventures, a bit more safe this one..... Oh how I would love to read about your mad/wild adventures and see the magnificent pieces of art you'd make to illustrate it.

  3. Love the swim girl in purple! I wish I could's such good exercise. Good for you for going each morning. I make it to the gym three times a week and think I'm doing good.

    At least you're doing art and posting it on your blog. I'm not even doing that!! I'm REALLY boring!

  4. this looks like a fine art painting! it's probably been a while but you should get some canvas and paint one of your ladies with a monet! (that's what I'm working on right now) also I just got a papermill and it is so exciting to turn every scrap piece of paper into a new piece of paper for art. look up 'paperalice' paper alice on youtube. it calmed my nerves to make a piece of paper - corny I know - but fun - no old piece of paper is safe in my house!


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