Thursday, March 27, 2014


Do you golf? I wish I did, but I don't have
the patience for this game.  And its really
expensive.  I did this drawing a long
time ago I don't know If I have even
showed it before.  I wasn't happy with
a lot of things, about it, the butt, the legs,
the hands, the face.  But we don't all
have master pieces, do we. We could
not golf here even if I wanted to
it has been snowing for two days. I
wonder what happened to spring flowers


  1. love the page, hate the game

  2. I knew this was a golfer pondering the putt immediately and I love it! Reminds me of my dad! I used to golf when I was young but seriously had no desire the last 30 years. We'd go across the border for cheaper fees! I just didn't enjoy it enough! My parents were huge golfers. Sorry it's still bad weather. It's starting to be more like spring around here!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Great page and love your golfer Lee. Annette x

  4. I really like this painting, he looks as if he's contemplating his next move. It must be so frustrating still having snow now. It would surely drive me crazy ...


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