Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The day after....

Thank you for all the birthday wishes
I had a great birthday, bought my IPAD
had a pedicure, out for dinner with the
family, nothing could have been better
Today I went to the art store, bought some
pens, and pencils, some charcoal. Did
some art, working on my second last
traveling circle journal.  I am having
trouble with this one, its subject
is Inner and Outer, I know what
do you do for that? I have a few
arty things I need to get in the mail
that I am way behind on .  So hopefully
you had a great day today


  1. Good to hear you celebrated well! Love your quirky birds ....

  2. Love the yellow bird, yellow is the new black! Happy be-lated birthday wishes to you!

  3. I look forward to your digital art on your ipad!! Sounds like a fun celebration!
    Love love love the bird!

    Hugs Giggles


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