Tuesday, March 25, 2014

bad boy bad boy.....

This collage started with the number 8 card I found on the road
well walking devil dog, its actually a sorry card, but I loved the
saying on it. Move one man forward 8 squares.  I have
this picture of my dad when he was young, in a leather jacket
and knew I wanted to use it with that card.  I had some deli
paper that I have painted on and added it to the card, and
then that song bad boy came into my head.  I have
a bunch of indiv letters cut out to use and this is
what came out of it.  Then I sewed around the edges,
and roughed it up with some sandpaper to make it
look old.


  1. I adore the idea of incorporating found objects into art journaling !

  2. Very nice! Love how you incorporated your dad!

    Hugs Giggles


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