Sunday, March 30, 2014

weekly wrapup

swimming continues
weightloss does not
hubby on the mend
snow (enough said)
no spring flowers
working on a canvas
sending out happy mail
finished and mailed circle journal
baby shower
family for dinner
lunch with a friend (the tax lady)
baking magic squares for the baby shower
trying not to eat them
working in my planner
playing with my IPAD
going to goodwill with the shopper looking for Tupperware
thinking I should have saved all my old tupperware for her


  1. Love your picture Lee, sounds as if you have a great week ahead. Annette x

  2. Wow, the lady and the colors you used look fantastic again! I like your little diary note too. Your writing always sounds so humorous! Especially the "trying not to eat them" I laughed out loud :) I'm looking forward to your canvas! I'm still working on mine too ...

  3. What a lot you've acomplished since my last visit! I especially love the Nelson piece. I've been so busy in class lately, a lot to finish off. Nice to be here again, and I love your writing too.


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