Monday, March 17, 2014


Today is the big B
I am going to Apple today and buying my IPAD
I am getting the 2nd generation only
because it has a big screen
I would like the mini but these eyes need
a big screen
Last night B celebration at the mother in-laws
favourite cake (carrot) supplied by my sister in-law
tonight if hubby is feeling better dinner out
with the boyfriend and the shopper
if hubby doesn't feel good we are
having a steak BBQ and all the
So today its all about me, pedicure
IPAD shopping, maybe the
art store.  Well I better
go make myself beautiful, as
you know when your 30 you
don't need much (lol)
did you know 61 is the new 31


  1. Happy Birthday it sounds like a perfect day in the making! I hope you enjoy every moment! Either way I'm sure dinner will be yummy....just like your artwork! Wishing you more creative abundance and joy around art! You have three years on me so I hope you're right!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Happ Birthday Lee, I hope you'll have a great day! Oh my, if 61 is the new 31 I have just left the diaper stage. LOL.
    Love your girl and that gorgeous letter L, a bit fpr me too, I hope.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! This all sounds so great! I think you have choosen wonderful activities for the B day and I LOVE the message about 61 is the new 31!!!!
    Your imagination and humour is wonderful as well as all your pretty ladies! Enjoy each minute of your day!

  4. Happy Birthday Lee, it sounds like a fab day ahead. Great picture, Annette x

  5. yay for Lee! happy birthday!

  6. happy birthday Lee and go spoil yourself you so deserve it!


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