Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Plexi 101

Yesterday I posted the picture of TJ's that I did .  So like it or not I am going to tell you how I did it,
and give you a link to a super artist, and how he works on his plexi glass.
    1. First make sure, you have all the clear plastic paper off the plexi glass, 
    2. The next think I did was use a stencil (the fish) and I used spray on ink Then you can paint around the fish in acrylics or spray inks, use different tools while the paint is wet, scrape into it, then paint anther color, keep making marks and using different colors,making different layers of color the sky's the limit.  And your done when you say your done 
I got my plexi at Home Depot really cheap, and i cut it myself with a ruler and a edge knife (not the right word, my old age is setting in and I cant remember the word) everybody has one.
So if it doesn't turn out, don't think of me, if it does you are allowed to think of me.  Now here is the link,
not only does he do plexi, but he is an amazing artist, take some time and watch his videos.



  1. Gary Reef is great! The first class I ever took online was with him and I learned soooooo much. Thanks for the link. I must have missed that video earlier.

  2. that's really cool - thanks for sharing the link.


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