Thursday, February 02, 2012



i wish i was Mark  Zuckerberg's  (the creator of facebook) mother

                                 i wish my body could eat anything and not gain a pound

                                i wish there was more hours in the day to create art

                                i wish  i hadnt posted this drawing, if you cant quess what it is,
                               it started as an angel, the face turned out not angel like at all,
                               so i slapped a bird on it, and called it a day


  1. "whatever' it is its great!!! I love that and the way you write - you crack me up every time!

  2. HI Lee, do you need a cheer up? I agree with Krissie! 'Whatever' looks very great! Actually this new creature is just wonderful! It makes a kind of shy impression on me. Maybe it's not sure of its own beauty? are some virtual flowers and lot's of sunshine!!!!!

    Smiles, Anke :)

  3. that's a brilliant re-working of an angel. your birds always make me smile. I wish I was at home making art today - got a big box from Dick Blick last night and no time to play! Watching the clock - only 4 more hours!

  4. Lee your style always makes me laugh and smile.

    What a cool post!
    xx tj


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