Thursday, February 23, 2012

Walk like an egyptian

Well i almost gave up on this blog, I was having such issues, just
trying to post.  I guess Google owns the world now,
I had to update to Google Chrome, then I had
to buy more picture space (5.00), and on  and on.

Okay now back to real life, The little lady above
did not start off with hair like that, but that
is what it ended it up as, hence the 
title Walk Like an Egyptian, do you remember
that song.  But it all started out with stripes
because I don\t wear them, another fashion
rule of mine, do you?


  1. Google does own the world! But I must confess I'd be lost without my google searches.

    I don't wear too many stripes and only if they're vertical...which aren't easy to find.

    I like the hair and the title.

  2. Hi Lee i wondered where u were yesterday i missed seeing your post , have u on my google reader glad u are ok and yes i were strips lol

    hugz bev

  3. I put off any kind of update until the last possible second (usually when I'm no longer able to do what I want to do without upgrading) because once you start, there are always 3 or 4 other things that need to be done to make things work again. glad you didn't give up the blog!

  4. hi noticed you werent around but blogger has been doing a few strange things aswell... like eaten my quick blog editor and I cant get it back!

    its soooo frustrating when blogger/google done work.

    I do wear stripes mostly ones going across... I dont think I should though!

  5. THANK YOU FOR that nice surprise!!! I arrived yesterday- smile- I am sure I can use all those fun collage materials, broad grin!!!!
    Smiles, Anke :)


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