Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A call to arms

I do I hate my arms, I don't know what age that started, later
in life for sure.  You know they kinda look like a
wet noodle.  I want arms, like Jennifer Aniston, Madonna,
no just kidding I can not work that hard, because I
hate exercise.  But I have been lifting and pumping
iron with my soup cans, and am about ready
to graduate to the 280z can of tomatoes.


  1. Oh, I laughed! Good luck on the larger cans. I've always had "wing-flap" arms. My brother used to say that if I flapped my arms hard enough, I could probably get lift! I will never, by choice, wear sleeveless...ever.

  2. i can relate. i'm the same way, i always fantasized about having arms like linda hamilton in the early terminator movies.

  3. I've always wanted smaller arms and smaller thighs, the only thing small about me is my tiny little feet, kid's feet. Always wanted the rest of me to kind of fit with the tiny little feet.

  4. You made me laugh with this one! I think I'd like to have Michelle Obama's arms. She's really toned and fit. But like you, I hate exercise so it won't happen.

    Now I'm off to the pantry to find some exercise equipment!

  5. laughted too... you have a wicked sense of humour!

    my arms have deteriorated with age too... I guess its something that happens right? Not happy though!

  6. I love your humor and that you can laugh about yourself... that is real cool and when you make the peops laugh they are shaking her heads so much, that they never can´t focus on your arms :-)))

  7. Haha...this is so funny...I haven't worn sleeveless since I don't know when...good page!!!

  8. Too funny and sadly, all to true!! I couldn't go sleeveless if my life depended on it!!


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