Friday, February 10, 2012

Book of Me

this book started out as the Book of Days,
and it has morphed into the book of me
I am going my own way, not really
following along, so here it is.  The art
you have seen before .
The cover is glued and varnished.
The spine is covered with a brown paper bag
and the music notes are tim holtz tissue paper

The clock on the eye, the shopper got from Anthropoligie for her birthday

The inside cover was just paint, and dots

 This is a favourite print of mine that I bought from
another artist that I love and bonus she is Canadian and from Winnipeg.
And I like to have bands around my books, and this is one
I bought from Michaels, its for smash journals, and it
comes two to a pack and it just about 3.00 so cheap

Thats it for today, if you are making a book show it on your blog
so we can all see it.


  1. I love your book, Lee. Mine started the same way and I've drifted off from following as well. but I love the book and keep working in it. book of me. i like it.

  2. Your Book of Me is great! I haven't done too much with mine but one of these days I'll show it on my blog.

  3. your book is just stunning Lee... wow, I saved all of the emails we got re the book and havent even looked at them. Maybe once I have some time after the wedding *Sigh* I love yours though and youve put so much work in to it! I like that woman on pink background!

  4. Hi Lee...Love your book of me! I'm doing my own BOD thing too. I still watch the videos for inspiration. Every time I see the name of your blog...I think you could have named it "Defining Lee" but me is good also :)

    I hope you are having a great Sunday!

  5. thank you for sharing your book with us... I have so much journals on the go, I think 5 and 2 of them are altered books... and none of them has lovely covers.. when do you make the cover? before you start the journal or in the end, when it is finished?


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