Monday, February 27, 2012

Anxiety Art

I was in a trade with TJ (she doesn't post on her blog anymore, and Janet from
There was no theme.  Well I love doing trades, and getting bits and pieces of other peoples art, but I get anxiety plagued making the art.  I wonder if its good enough, will they like it,   So this is the piece of TJ art that I made.   I knew for sure that I wanted to make something out of plexi glass.  So I started, I had three  ideas, and three ended up in the trash.  This is the fourth one

Its her birthday today, and she is going to open it up.  She is an amazing artist and person, so I hope she likes this one. Janet has not got her's yet, it is very different from this one.  Do you ever feel like I do when
making art for others, or are you confident?


  1. I feel exactly the same! I try to incorporate their likes and dislikes into my design, and get myself all worked up about it. Ironically, the stuff that people tend to like most are the pieces that I just do for my own enjoyment and not pay any attention to what others may think.

  2. I definitely get anxious and completely over think things. Your plexiglass fish is really beautiful - how did you make it?

  3. Your fish is wonderful--I am sure TJ will love it!! I don't even consider myself an artist--just a dabbler--and I have anxiety all the time about what I create. Of course, I call myself a newbie but that's not exactly true but I am still struggling to find my own style so maybe I should cut myself some slack. I love your blog and the questions you ask--always food for thought!!

  4. no confidence at all and heaps of anxiety so thats why I quit doing swaps and the like. maybe one day I'll get back into it but fo rnow I just like seeing yours and what you swap! thats enough excitiment for me!

  5. You worry too much! Your art is always wonderful and anyone who owns a piece of it knows that you're a very talented artist.

  6. love this and the little easel just finishes it.

  7. Love this fish! I'm sure it will be appreciated!

  8. Lee you are not only a terrific artist, you have impeccable timing!

    How did you manage to send this on my birthday? I"m the luckiest girl alive.

    I love fish, and the metallic pink easel is so cool -- it's sitting on my shelf and I smile every time I look at it.

    I didn't realize you made it on plexiglass. I wondered how it was also arty on the backside!

    Thank you so much for trading with me, I owe you a bigger piece of artwork. Mine was puny compared to what both you and Janet created!!

    Hugs from MN
    xx tj


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