Saturday, February 25, 2012

big head

As you can see I did this head on February 14, I drew
it big on purpose, I am going bigger.  Don't they
always say "bigger is better".  Now that I am
taking Pursing Portraits, my women should improve,
you can only hope.  Its Saturday, were snowed in,
hubby is out using the snow blower, and I am
warm and cozy in the PJ's where i AM
staying all day.  What are you doing today?


  1. I like your women! Don't "improve" too much or you'll lose your spontaneity and they won't be your style.

    Today I plan to stay home and just do some art. No snow, just a nice day but I'm staying in anyway.

  2. for me, bigger is HARDER! I'm better with small.
    I'm headed out for an evening with 3 old dear friends. one only recently learned that I make art and blog about it. I've know her since I was six but just couldn't talk about it. I think my mother spilled the beans at a christmas party and now she's a reader. she is begging me to bring my art journal so she can see it in person, which means I'll be "out of the closet" with my other two friends as well. Why is that so hard? Hope you enjoyed your cozy snow day!

  3. I think your so good at your art is cos you get more days inside due to your weather! I think I would domore art if I was snowed in too! hey maybe send some over here for our winter? love your ladies and yes I love their plus size too!

  4. Ran all my errands yesterday so I could spend all day in my jammers making art and taking an on-line art journaling class, cruising my favorite blogs, doing a load of laundry and some snuggling with my dog pretty much sums up my day!! Oh, Unity Stamp Co order came in the mail!! A perfect day!!

  5. Lee, your protraits are getting better and better....
    Snow again? I am so glad our snow is gone, which doesn't mean all the way, could come back for a short visit, never know here.
    So I hope you had a great day inside, smiles, Anke :)

  6. Hi Lee...I agree with have your own style. I like the bigger faces. I hope you are having a pleasant Sunday!


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