Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Name Game

First off I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post. I truly appreciate all your caring words.
Now when I was younger I wanted to be Heidi, it was a book I read over and over again.
Don't ask me why I was thinking about Heidi when I was watching the Cops show, but
it just popped up in my every day book.  And yes I know I spelled her name two
ways, but I decided if I was a Heidi, I would spell my name the other way (lol).
Did you ever have a favourite character in a book you read when you were younger?


  1. I liked Heidi/Hiedi, too but there was one book (can't remember the name of the book or the girl's name)that I loved. It was about a girl who lived with her family in a lighthouse off the coast of Maine. For some reason that story fascinated me and I wanted to be her. Maybe because I grew up in the Midwest and never saw the ocean until I was an adult.

  2. Haha. Your Heidi made me smile especially the part her needing to get out more. Yes. Heidi was one of my first book friends. Then later came Anne of Green Gables, Laura from Little House on the Prarie, pollyAnna, Katy from What Katy Did, Jo March and so many others I can't name them all. ALl fabulous and courageous little women.

  3. Ive just come back from a holiday so havent been online! off to read your last post! I loved this book too and another one I loved called littel swiss miss... I really wanted to be her and live in the mts!

  4. HI Lee, that is a good question??? Have to think about it. I never really like rereading a book and still don't like it. So I guess I don't have a favorite one.....smiles, Anke :)I can remember a couple charakters from TV, LOL....and no, we were not allowed to watch a lot of TV when we were young, maybe that's why I know that better than book characters, lol. Or I am just a visual person ;)

  5. Hi Lee...great page! My favorite book from my youth is Little Women. I think it has special memories for me because it was one that my mother read aloud to us before bedtime (back before we had a tv).
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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