Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tweet, Tweet

Awhile ago, quite awhile ago, I was watching Teehsa Moore's video
how she creates a journal out of a big page of paper.  I was going
to link the youtube, but it seems like Youtube is down.  Anyway
I made this journal, and it was just laying around the studio.
So yesterday I decided to start it, this is the front cover, I know
you must think a bird again.  I read somewhere on the blogs
lately that birds are so over, but I like them, so you are
going to see more in the years to come. Now onto  my
next page in this journal and stay tuned , here's a hint
bet you thought it was going to be a bird, you are 


  1. I never tire of seeing your birds. This one is so bright and the pink.

  2. i agree with Janet - keep 'em coming! This one is adorable.

  3. Birds are out?? I didn't get the memo! LOL Your birds are beautiful and as far as I am concerned, birds as icons will never be out of style as long as they continue to fly!! I agree with Janet and Shelley--Keep 'em coming!!

  4. Nah...birds will never be over...I love them, never get tired of them. I love this happy looking bird!

  5. That bird is so cute! I don't care whether it's considered 'in' or not. If I like the way something looks, I do it. Who cares what 'they' say? ;)

    I love the bright colors you use.


  6. I love this little bird! Definitely worth a series, I think!


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