Friday, November 21, 2014

A Pouty girl....

I wanted you to meet a favourite painter of mine.  His name is Bernard Buffet
a French painter.  He lived from 1928-1999.  He painted or illustrated over
a 1000 paintings, and even had a stamp.  His style I love very broad stroke
and In your face.  So I hope you will look him up and see his paintings, here is a link on pinterest to him

and I am linking to
with some great artists take on some masters.


  1. yes - he was interesting and yours is wonderful!!!!

  2. Oh I do so love your Pouty Girl!!! She shows such attitude :) Now I"m off to check out the artist who inspired you .:)

  3. LOVE your pouty girl!! I'm going right now to look up this artist.

  4. I don't know him, but will look him up later, love his style, ad what you have made is great! Thanks for another wonderful contribution to Art Journal Journey! Valerie

  5. Thank you for introducing me to another interesting artist this month Lee!
    Love what you have made here.. your girl looks very artsy for me!
    Happy weekend Lee!
    Thanks a lot for another great entry for Art Journal Journey!

  6. Hello Lee! I do love your pouty girl! If you hadn't said she was yours I'd have thought they were by the same person! What a great style of painting it is...... I'm guessing it's paint and some sort of pen work? Nice.
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog. Lovely to 'meet' you.

    1. thnks evi, but all I used was markers to lazy to get the paints out

  7. Your Pouty Girl is terrific, what a personality. I love her hat too.
    Thanks for the introduction to this artist, new to me.

  8. Love this! And I appreciate your inspiration, as I'm not familiar with the works of Bernard Buffet ~ I mean, until now. Thank you for that!


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