Friday, November 07, 2014

Project Runway Its all about clubbing

well today we welcome a special guest, Lindsey Lohan to
Project runway.  As you know today its all about club
wear, and nobody knows about clubbing more than Lindsey.
Well Lindsey what do you think about the designs today,
Well thanks again Heidi for inviting me, I am excited to
see all these fabulous designs, I would wear any of
these to the club.  But I must say LeeLee designs are
my favourite, shes all about flair, comfort, and colour.
Well thanks Lindsey for dropping by and giving us
your thoughts on our club wear.  Next week will be
a special treat for you all, its a secret so see you then.


  1. Very entertaining, Lee. You are so creative.

  2. Lee - I love this! you are the master of color and patterns!!!!!!!!


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