Saturday, November 15, 2014

The dilemma

well this is the second abstract that I made in class.  I brought it home and
thought it needed something else, I added the pinwheels, and the black
charcoal and added some shading, and this is it. I think this is going to
be a gift.  You know you hate giving your art to someone, and
what if they don't like and cant tell you, and then feel like they have to
hang it up, you know its like the present you get from your 95 year
old grandmother...So its still mulling around if It stays here, or goes
as a gift.


  1. Oh Lee, that would be a wonderful gift to get from someone. Beautiful background colors and the white in it really makes a huge difference. Even if your painting is blue, you offer so much more in it. Lovely abstract, be proud!

  2. Yes I think it would make a lovely gift. I can't tell from the pic if it is a canvas but it would look great in a white frame.

  3. !! I love the pinwheels and the textures and the circles and the . . .

  4. I like it too and I love the pinwheels you have added. Maybe you could add some more of them. They really make it looking great!

    1. That's a great idea thanks

  5. Yep it's canvas so can't really frame it


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