Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Matisse take two

I cant believe it is almost the end of the month, and the end of this challenge.  I have
decided I am going to continue and do it once a week.  It challenges you to check
out artists, and to come up with your own version.  I loved doing this challenge.
as you can, by my many posts.  Today its all about going to a movie
with my friend, can you guess which one, yes you are right if you
guessed Hunger Games, Mocking Jay.  Yes I am a big fan, I read the books,
way back, and have seen the two other movies.  So I will let you
know what I think of the movie.  Well I hope you all have a great day am linking to
art journal journey


  1. Gorgeous Lee! I have had a lot of fun reading about the artists and looking at their work, too, so glad you enjoyed it! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Fantastic Lee! What a great idea to continue this challenge private!
    Thank you for another fab contribution to Art Journal Journey!
    Enjoy the cinema!

  3. Lovely portrait with the offset frame and the shawl fringe. I agree with you, I was thinking of continuing with this theme too.
    Hope you enjoy the movie, the books were marvellous as were the first two films, I'm looking forward to seeing the third, hope it was up to standard.

  4. Completely greatly painted! The diagonally set frame looks super.


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