Monday, November 24, 2014

Some Art Some Shopping,

I just noticed she has it looks like dirt on her face, it something on the scanner I think, and those white marks on her neck, don't know where they come from when
I look in my journal her neck looks fine.  I have signed up to take a class online,
it was very reasonable called Face to Face, its all about drawing faces, getting
the proportions right, etc.  So my faces might be changing, and looking a little bit better.  They might even have a different expression, right now they all look
like they have lost there best friend.  Okay I am on way to IKEA to buy
a frame for a print I bought the shopper for Christmas, (she doesn't read the blog)
the print is by the Rifle Paper Company they make beautiful items, anyway
this print is a map a fun map of Bangkok .  Her and the boyfriend both
went together to Thailand, so thought it would be a great present.  Besides
she told me awhile ago, she wants to collect those prints, of most of
the places they have been together, and put them going up the stairs
in there house in a grouping, fun idea, and not to expensive.
okay gotta go, talk to you all soon.


  1. wow! I love your faces and let me know what you learned in the class!!!!

  2. Don''t change too much you have a distinct style that I love and is your own. I could recognize your work anywhere!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Love the print you got Shopper...great artwork!!

  4. I agree with Giggles, your style is so unique, so colourful and beautifully painted.
    Love her eyes and long neck and the tall buildings in the background.

  5. I love her as well! And I would love to know what she did with her hair to get such a beautiful color. Has she been at an expensive hairstylist? I also love the background and the color combination you have choosen. She really looks like a V.I.P. upper class lady. Great work!


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