Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Oh Matisse will you be my boyfriend

Oh Henri would you please be my boyfriend, and paint lovely
pictures of me, in soft light and brilliant colors.  Would you show me the secrets
to your painting style, and let me apprentice for you? You are one of
my favourites dont get mad but I also happen to love Amedeo Modigliani and he lets me call him Amedeo.  Ok I know you mad  that I painted your model with green hair,
 but I told you I wanted to pose for you.  You keep saying next time , well maybe next time it will be Modigliani turn.
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  1. I can always count on seeing good art when I visit you...and sometimes having a good laugh. This time it was both! I love your sense of humor. And your art makes me smile. I keep telling you this but I'm saying it again...I love your style!!

  2. Anonymous11:47 AM

    Your work is good, but you might get more comments if you would bother to make a return visit or at least say thank you.

    1. your absolutely right, I have been thinking how best to do that, going to the website, saying it here, but your right and thank you, I will endeavour to say thank you more.

  3. This is just lovely Lee! Great! Thank you for another fabulous contribution to Art Journal Journey!

  4. Oh I LOVE these paintings, just great, and soooo humourful! Thanks for another wonderful contribution to Art Journal Journey! Valerie

  5. Great tribute to Matisse and Modigliani two of my favs. I visited the chapel designed by Matisse I the south of France and blogged about it. One of my favourite places. Fabulous stained glass windows.

  6. lee this is soooo great!


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