Saturday, November 08, 2014

Lee Does the Masters..../

Meet the artist Kess Van Dogen  I was introduced to him through a
great artist by the name of Myra  Now
kees looks like to me he is quite the dapper Dan by all his pictures, and
I think he had an eye for the ladies, has he certainly painted enough of
them without any clothes.  Over the next little while I will be delving
into the Masters and doing my rendition of them, I need to improve on my faces and
bodies.  Now I made her face a little dirty looking on purpose, (lol) no I didn't,
I screwed up her nose and then tried to fix it.  I have a few Matisse up my sleeve and
who know what else, so stay tuned for Lee does the Masters...


  1. Love your little dirty face, and can't wait to see your Matisse. It's quite fun to work some old masters. I have thought of doing The girl with the pearl ear ring.

  2. Fabulous Lee.. I am curious about more of "Lee does the masters"now !
    This one is so lovely - your take on the original is fabulous!
    You introduced me to a for me new amazing master - thank you Lee! Happy weekend- Thank you for all the great ideas for the "Inspired by the Masters " Challenge over at AJJ.

    Happy weekend

  3. This is beautiful, thanks for linking again to Art Journal Journey. Valerie

  4. these are great Lee!

  5. You never cease to amaze me with your art! I love your dirty-faced girl.


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