Monday, November 10, 2014

Its all about Van Dongen...

Another Kees Van Dongen, I updated my picture to the 2014, I am
having a great time, looking at all the masters, and seeing what
paintings that I want to do.  Mine I only did with markers, but I
am going to do paints on some   of them.  Today its all about,
hanging out with my friends, one is going to Phoenix on Tuesday
for the winter, so we are going to lunch and some therapy shopping. The roads
are very bad here, lots of ice and snow on them, I hate driving when
they are like that.  Oh what you do for friends.


  1. I love your interpretation of Kees Van Dongen! Snow and ice, already !??! Yuk!

  2. wow oh wow - what a wonderful van dongen!!!!!!

  3. I love this one Lee. You have made me want to know more of this painter.

  4. I'm not familiar with this artist but from what I see, I like! And your interpretation is so cool...she's great!!


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