Wednesday, November 19, 2014

throwback wednesday

I decided to implement throwback Wednesday, this is an
old piece of art from February .  Today its movie
day with a friend we are going to the movie
Interstellar with Matthew McCaughey (spelled wrong), so
in the crockpot cooking is Vegetable Beef Soup,
and I made some banana bread to go with it, so
dinner is ready when I get home. I know you all
probably think why is she telling us what she eats,
its because there is not much else to say today, plus
I like it when people tell there dinners, gives me ideas.


  1. Your food sounds great, I just had yogurt with muesli, but soup and banana bread sound yummy. Thanks for your visit on my blog, and glad you liked the pics of our little town! Valerie

  2. This is great, love the title and words, it's an interesting looking bird!
    Wonder if by Throwback Wednesday you mean you show something previously shown on your blog; if so it's a good idea, maybe we should all do this as there is so much good artwork lost in the depths of Blogpostland.

  3. Oh yes, I also like it to talk about food. My colleagues and me are often talking about what we plan for dinner. Currently we discuss the holiday meal. In Germany, all shops are closed starting 24th December in the afternoon and re-open only on the 27th. So if there is a weekend inbetween we sometimes need food for three or four days and all the supermarkets are overcrowded with people the day before christmas buying the last bread or the last milk or the last bananas ... it's kind of a nightmare to go to supermarket before christmas. ... you see I could talk about that subject for hours ... by the way, what do you plan for the holiday meal this year? I'm really interested! - And I love your funny red birdie too :)

  4. I like hearing about your meals, I like discussing food, I like eating food, I just don't like cooking food! HB made a great chicken soup/stew a couple of nights ago and we had biscuits with it. It was one of the first really chilly nights we've had so that was the perfect meal.

    How was the movie? HB wants to see that one.

  5. i broiled some hotdogs and then seasoned and broiled some tomatoes and thought why not go all the way and season and broil the pickle slices THEY WAS DELICIOUS!!!


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