Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Travellers Notebook


Let me introduce you to my travellers notebook.  I carry it in my purse,
I always have  it out in the house, its my day timer, my notebook, and
an idea sketchbook.  Did you know there is a facebook group
dedicated to travellers notebooks .
You know how much I like pens, paper, books etc.  You can
make them yourself, or get someone in the group to make one for you, which
I did.  Or if you were in Japan pick up the real travellers notebook a
Midori and all the little nick nacks that go with it, they have
a store totally dedicated to it.  Or seattle in Japan Town, but alas
nowhere here.  I had mine made by a guy in the UK, I think it cost
be 55.00 and no shipping, so it was a deal.  He did a great job,
pure leather.  Now the inserts you can make or you can buy on line,
I have bought some online, made a couple etc.  I love this
its like an everyday book.  Do you have something like this you carry in your bag.


  1. Wow I love it and it's really nice to see how you keep it all together! Very portable! I'd recommend clicking on your photos for a better look!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Oh I love little notebooks like your's. Already when I saw the first picture of this post the frequency of my heartbeat increased immediatly. What kind of book is this? Where did she get it from? How does she use this book? ... all these thoughts came within seconds and it's really great that you responded to all my questions although you didn't hear them ;) and that you showed us all the details on the photographs - and yes, I have also a little book in my purse and I have a notebook at home to note my "soliloquies" and I have different sketchbooks. Your notebook from leather is magnificent!


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