Saturday, November 22, 2014

Improving my art.

Now this painter Lucian Freud is an amazing painter.  He painted many of
his painting in impasto, and he did tons of nudes.  I chose not to do a
nude today (lol).  I am so enjoying playing with the masters that
I might just keep it up, it improving so many aspects of my art.
Anyway I hope you have a good weekend, and will be back
on Monday to see what I have on deck.
Today I am off to a art fair, and lunch with a friend, and
maybe some new art supplies. 


  1. Hi Lee...I see you are still a very busy artist! I like your abstract painting you did for your class(a few posts back). I always enjoy seeing what you are doing in your own unique way! I hope you have a great weekend and have fun on your weekend adventures!

  2. You inspire me! This series you're doing with the masters is great. And I'm learning about artists I didn't know about.

    Have fun today!!

  3. I like your version best as Lucian Freud's paintings usually look depressing, like this lady glaring at the poor daffodil.

  4. Yes, isn't it fun diving into the paintings of the old masters. I wonder what kind of imagination most of them had. There's tons of nudes and also in the most inapropriate posissions as well. LOL


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