Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just a drive by......

Just a short post today, another flower drawing that I did last
night.  Still trying to get that one picture that I want
to enter into the contest.  Today is PJ day, football (for the hubster)
crockpot roast for dinner, and some time in the studio,\
I am in the clean mode lately and am purging old crap
that I have collected and never used.  What's on your Sunday"


  1. gonna stay in my flannels today. the last two days i was in a freezing school cafeteria participating in a holiday bazaar. today i'm staying snug and warm. crockpot roast sounds good. have a great day.

  2. Looking at your beautiful flowers makes me feel so happy! They are such a pleasure in the middle of November! What pens did you use to color them? This stile looks really great! My Sunday was wonderful peaceful today. A walk in the sun with my husband and warm applecake afterwards and then we went out for lunch in the evening and met our son and his girl friend at the Italien restaurant. I enjoyed this Sunday.

  3. I made a mistake ... I wanted to write STYLE ... instead of stile ... please apologize!


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