Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Painting the Town red

Another day another index card\
I know they would look better with me using stamps for the text, but that would defeat the purpose for me of nice and easy
today I have to drink 6 glasses of water and hold it for a hour before I get an ultra sound
sounds like Chinese water torture to me
its pouring rain out
rain or shine we will be barbecuing tonight
have you read the secret daughter, run out and get it one of the best books I have read
ok that's it for today whats on your schedule


  1. That ultrasound water thing'll darn near kill ya - especially if you take a water pill (snicker, snort).
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting!! I enjoy your art, too. Good luck with the U/S!

  2. Your painted toenails look great! Good luck on that ultrasound thing. It sure doesn't sound like fun. Thank goodness I have nothing like that on my schedule for today! I'm just doing some art and maybe a trip to Michael's.

  3. OH no not an ultrasound with all that water... had one last yr and drank too much water and the pain wa almost too much to bear! She said I should drunk less of it! lol! Good luck with it though!
    pouring with rain here too inbetween lots of sunshine! funny old day !

  4. I know what you mean about the handwriting vs. stamp thing. stamping takes forever, but I don't always like my handwriting. yesterday I re-did my index card 3 times because I couldn't make a long word fit into the space. lol.
    I really like your card and the lettering is great. fun and personal.

  5. Hi Lee...another great card!!! I hope your test went ok. Thanks for the book tip!

  6. Lee, you made me laugh really good! You are soooo funny! Hope the ultrasound was good and nothing bad occured!!!
    I enjoy your cards as always!!! Your unique art is so inspiring and even it's not perfect writting wonderful!

    Smiles, Anke ;)


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