Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Quote

This is one of my favourite quotes.  Its shows that artists admire other artists work.  I used on my card a painted background, and old file card, I hope you like it.  Not much going around here, the art I wanted to never got done, life seems to get in my way to much.  I guess I could never be one of those people who work out of there house.  I would always be doing something else than work.  Somehow I have to devise a schedule that lets me do some art every day for a 4 hour period.  So should i get up early, get everything done, and then go to the studio till dinner.  Or do everything I need to do and then go to the studio.  I will have to try both and see what works for me, or be flexible.

I had a pretty good weekend, I heard from my blog friend Gayle, who I have been meaning to phone and thankfully she phoned me.  We are going to get together soon. 

so what did you do this weekend?


  1. Hi Lee...andother great card! I know what you mean about trying to balance everything and finding time. I'm home all day but sometimes feel like I don't have time for everything I need and want to's a constant battle...oh well, do what you can do, I say, and don't worry about the rest.

  2. Great quote! And I like the way you used it on the index card.

    I'm constantly trying to find time to do art. There's always something else calling to me....things that need attention in the house, shopping and errands, and all the everyday things that pop up.

  3. FAbulous quotation. I too seem to not be getting the art done that I want to get done. Always so frustrating! I've been wanting to play along with index cards, but even that hasn't happened yet. Hopefully you and I both will find the time soon!

  4. Lee same here re finding the time to do my own thing! How long does it take you to do a index card? I find it takes me ages to even think of an idea!


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