Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Were you born with an artist brian

My answer to this is yes, everybody is.  But its the way you develop and practice.  I firmly believe that everybody can do something artistic even if they say they cant.

Well its only noon here, and I have been to the Clip and Curl with devil dog.  Gone to my favourite store Urban Scrapbook and got a punch that makes Rolodex holes.  I am going to put my index cards in a Rolodex.  When I was looking for one, I phoned around and everyone who I asked did not even know what a Rolodex was. Okay I am not that old people, they have been around forever.  But I guess now you can use your contact list on your computer, you don't need a Rolodex.  But now they have a whole other new life, buy using your art for them.  Well the rest of the day, is taking it easy, but I am going to clean out and wash down the fridge, it needs it, my least favourite job.

Whats on your list today.


  1. I agree that everyone has some kind of creativity. They just need to learn to use it. Your index card is cool. Now you've got me interested in the punch. I know what a Rolodex is and I would love to have one to art up.

    So far today I've been in the studio messing around. It's hot and I don't want to do anything outside so I'll probably just make some more tags or something easy.

  2. are you planning to put all your index cards on the rolodex? if so then it would make a great desk top art book/feature! wow another great idea!

  3. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I have a rolodex on my desk at work and I use it all the time i find it easier than looking it up on the computer

  4. Sooooo agreeeee with you....creativity is an inside thing, everybody has and everybody can develope it, that's why I find it sooo sad that in school you get this creativity pretty much destroyed by grading it!!!!!
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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