Monday, June 20, 2011

body Beautiful ICAD 20

Well has everyone recovered from your Fathers Day.  Well here it is day 20 of the challenge, and I am still in it, that's a miracle .  Usually by now I have jammed out.  I am finding that I am really liking this size, easy and fast and you have to find others ways to be creative.  I am also finding that I like creating collage, Usually I shied away from creating collage, without some element of my drawing in it, but I like doing them, and if I must say so myself I am getting better at them.

Well today its raining again, ok get that arc ready...So I am still in the Jammie's and don't feel like doing to much today.  But we are getting new rugs upstairs, so I am going to get rid of stuff,today.

Whats on your schedule


  1. Oh, I really like this icad. The color is nice and I love the 'human' touch in it :)

    Nothing much on my schedule here but making a zentangle and an icad ...
    It's raining here in Belgium too, although this morning the sun was shining and I put on my summer shoes ... :/ So I had cold feet until I got back home from work!

    Can't wait to see more icads!

  2. I love this!!! Skulls are always a favorite of mine and this one is really cool.
    I, too, am having fun with ICAD and find that I'm doing mostly collages.

  3. I am also planning a jammie day..its dark and cloudy here so perfect day for that! and maybe some art? fingers crossed!

  4. Absolutely wonderful Lee! Thanks for sharing! Much love

  5. Wow!!! This is great! Love all the layers!

  6. This card is super cool. I can't believe how much I love this 3x5" format - the "low risk" of the index card is so freeing and flexible. I love the use of diagrams in art, well done!


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