Friday, June 17, 2011

hello friday, icad17

I like thats its friday
I dont that is cloudy and rainy
I like that I still have 50% off coupon to Michaels to spend today
I dont like that its calling my name
I like that I dont have to cook supper tonight because we are going out
I don't like that my friend broke his leg in 3 places and needs surgery
I like that hockey is finally over
I don't like that Boston won (sorry Bostonians)
I like that I found some fabric to paint on
I don't like that it was so expensive and not on sale
I like that so far I have created icad every day
I don't like that I have neglected my other art (which I said in my rules i was not going to do)
I like that my husband is off on Fridays
I like that he does the grocery shopping and I am the list maker
I don't like that I am the fridge cleaner
I like that I am alive

What do you like ?


  1. I like your card, and your list. I also like that hockey is over! I like that I cleaned a big chunk of the basement early this morning. I like that I will have lots of time for art this weekend. Happy Friday!

  2. I like that I got my glasses today. I do not like that I am walking around like a drunk trying to get used to them. :)

    Happy weekend!

  3. Great writing prompt...I like/I don't like. It's too late for me to think of mine now, but it would make a great journal page!

  4. i like that the kids and i finished our father's day project early; i don't like that tonight's chicken vindaloo turned out bland instead of wickedly spicy as I'd planned...

  5. I like your index card! I like that on Friday I got a lot of stuff done.


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