Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rise Up

This index card is for my friend Phil, I actually made it for him, I am going to put it in a frame and give it to him.  What happened was he was playing pickup hockey and someone checked him and he fell and broke his leg in 3 places.  He had to have surgey and a plate in his leg.  I think that is the end of his hockey career. I am not sure he will appreciate the humor attached but his wife will.
yesterday was a busy day,

cleaned the pantry
went and took stuff to the food bank
went and took stuff to the salvation army
walked devil dog
made a pasta salad for dinner
peeked at a new art journal I got today called Painted Pages
Went to home depot and got a bunch of brochures to paint (re the blog I linked to yesterday)

The only thing I did not get to was painting the fabric, maybe today. 

Now today I am taking my baby (Kitchen Aid) to the kitchen aid hospital, I need to get it fixed.  That was the gift I got when I retired.  I have always wanted one, so now its broken and needs to be fixed.  I am taking my mother inlaw to the fabric store and lunch.

I need to make some you ever get that feeling that you need to make art...I need to and am going to find time to make some art today.

What are you doing today?


  1. gosh you sound very busy - how do you fit it all in, in a day? have fun!

  2. what an awesome gift and illustration! love it!!!


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