Saturday, June 18, 2011

lets get buggy

Do you like bugs?  Lucky for me we don't live in a buggy place, winter is pretty cold here.  I don't have a phobia or anything, I don't start screaming or wont touch one, I just don't like them. Well today it is raining again, I wonder when summer will be coming, I hope before winter arrives.  Not doing to much today, just staying home and chilling, except for lunch the shopper is taking hubby ( I will tag along) out for lunch for fathers day.  As fathers day is to crazy to do that, on Sunday she is going to cook supper for us.



  1. We don't have many bugs here either which is good because I can't stand them. I like yours though.

    I'm getting caught up. Things have been hectic lately.

  2. we live in a very buggy place trust me you wouldnt want to see some of the bugs I do in summer especially! enjoy your weekend!

  3. We have all kinds of buggy critters, also rodent critters...I need some bugs, be gone :) Great card, as usual.


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