Saturday, June 25, 2011

folliow the leader

Well thanks for all the nice comments, and glad you still want to see my index cards and hear about my life, because what else could I talk about.  I gonna tell you a little secret, I have been making index cards  like crazy and am now into August just about finished.  I didn't want to worry about not having any created for a certain day.  No art created yesterday, except a few index cards.  My plan was to make art, but best laid plans never work out.  Hubby was home, so we did a bunch of stuff around here, we went over and cut our friends lawn who broke his leg and did stuff like that.  Today I have a pot of chili on the stove, I made it for my friends (the broken leg couple) to take over for them.  He did all the cooking in the house, God why couldn't I have married a man like that.  The shopper is coming over and we are off to Winners to spend some of hubby's hard earned money, then home to do some art.......the weather is cold and rainy, not much else to do.

I am in that downsizing mode again where I think that we have to much stuff (not in my art room) so I have been busy sorting cupboards and taking stuff to the goodwill.  I ordered to blinds for the main floor room, and am getting new carpet for upstairs in the bedrooms and the stairs.  And got them to make area rugs the same for the living room and dining room, so cant wait to see what that looks like.  They said installation in a couple of weeks.
Whats on your weekend schedule.


  1. When you draw animals they always make me smile....I love these! That's a good idea to make some cards ahead. I might do that some evening when I'm inspired.

    I think I'm always in the downsizing mood anymore. I wish we had less of everything except art supplies. There's never too much of that!!

  2. love hearing what other people do in their everyday lives!

    dh and are I are hatching another home reno plan... cant seem to stop ourselves! have a great weekend!

  3. Well, I'm married to a man who can cook most delicious meals and did so every day since we started living together and now I'm left frustrated with my inability to cook a decent meal because I never bothered to learn, I concentrated on eating his food instead :D
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend :)

  4. I've been to an Irish music and comedy night, hosted a birthday lunch for my daughter-in-law and made cards - oh cooked, cleaned, food shopped, watched Tv, knitted ...lovely weekend!

  5. I wonder if there is something going on with the planets or something....I feel like cleaning out the cupboards too...downsizing..getting rid of clutter. Is my moon in your house? LOL I don't know about that stuff..but it feels like it.


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