Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lets take A Tour de France today

I had such a great time creating this one.  For starters I love the Tour de France bike race.  When its comes on TV for those days I am glued to the TV, I even get up early to see it, hubby thinks I am nuts.  Do I ride a bike now no, but something about it is so addicting.  The speed the danger the crazy fans all of it..

Well yesterday was a whirlwind, lunch with friends for a wedding shower, women I ha vent seen in ages, catching up, saying hownone of us has changed ((lol)  Then out to dinner with another group of women friends, then to the fundraiser concert for the Slave Lake.  What happened is Salve Lake which is 100 kilometers away from here, is a small community of people, a small town of 7000 people. and a wild fire swept into there town about 3 weeks ago, and the town had to be evacuated when all was said and done, at least 300 houses were completely burnt down, Families left homeless with nothing but the clothes on their backs, it was just like a tornado had gone thru there.  So an ongoing raising money to help has been going on.  The concert tonight was just another effort, George Canyon, Johnnie Reid, Emerson Drive, all country singers and it was great, we had a foot stomping good time (lol).  So today I am taking it easy, and just staying home and relaxing, maybe a few loads of laundry,i wont`t commit to this yet, we will just see how the day rolls out.  Whats on your schedule today


  1. I didn't really have anything pressing on my schedule today...made a few cards...almost caught up. I really like this has a distinct vintage feel.

  2. Anonymous11:30 PM

    love watching the tour de france - it coincides with winter here so its great to stay indoors keep warm and watch them cycle thru that lovely french countryside!

    Krissie at winterwood

  3. Love this card!! I'm not a big fan of any sport. I got my fill of sports with my first husband!!

    The concert sounds like a lot of fun for a good cause.


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