Friday, June 10, 2011

A few of my favourite things

 I know hokey title, but dont you think its hard coming up with a title. I always think when people look at the title that makes them want to read your blog, . Because if you read this title you probably just pass on by, because who the hell knows what carded is. Well another day another index card, I have made up a bunch is advance, so I dont feel pressure, and I can create and explore other things than index cards. I love drawing birds with there own personality so here is another one, I made from an index card as well as using an index card.

Here are some of the things that I have bought or got lately  I know I am just like Oprah I am sure you are all going to run out and get these things right away (lol)

From the library I got:Product Details

from Value Village I got the book: Painting with Pastels its an old one 1993, but I lwill get some information out of it.

Best new supply:Derwent Inktense Blocks

  like the watercolour pencils for more intense, great

I have signed up for
I wanted to be able to work and take better digital pictures with my point and shoot camera

I also signed up for Compostion for Collage over at the Big Picture Scrapbooking site -this class is taught by Claudine Hellmuth.

I am taking a free course over at 
its about art journalling go take peek and get your motor running

Just ordered this book off of have not got it yet looks good

Painted Pages: Fueling Creativity with Sketchbooks and Mixed Media

Favourite new series   The Voice
Guilty Pleasure:  Housewives of Orange County

you can go here and see the sketchbook project pages:


  1. aha the missing post - saw this post ages ago but could not get into it as blogger had other ideas!! so here it is and love the birdie! yes titles are hard to think of!

  2. Wow! You have really been busy! I love the whole index card idea that some of you have been doing and it makes me want to join in. I want some of those inktense watercolor pencils...Your birdie is great!!!

  3. They say those Inktense blocks are fabulous; enjoy!!


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