Thursday, June 09, 2011

Dancing in the streets

I had a whole other blog post ready, but decided to save it for another day.  Well still doing the index a card a day and still liking it.  Today the hubby is out of town and me and devil dog are going to create all day on the deck, its a beautiful day, some wine might be consumed, some carrots ate (devil dog), , but I can tell you there will be no housecleaning, or cooking.  There might be some Thai food ordered in, a movie watched and some late night and sleeping in going on around here.  Other than that whats on your plan for this Thursday.


  1. Your day sounds a lot better than mine! We didn't do our grocery shopping yesterday so we have to do it today. But I also plan to do some art. I'm slowly catching up on the index card a day plus I have some other projects started.

    Enjoy your day!! I wish I could come sit on the deck with you and Devil Dog and make art. Wouldn't we have fun!!

  2. That sounds delightful. I wish I could come over for a wine/artmaking/sleepover party!
    I need to start doing those index cards as I really want to participate!

  3. Hi Lee,
    Sounds like the kinda day most artists wish for!
    Good on you and enjoy.
    Creative hugs,

  4. I am liking the sound of your day better than mine too!

    I think youre enjoying those cards as they are so instant and in a short matter of time you have done art! have a great weekend there and enjoy that deck!

  5. I've enjoyed seeing your index cards each day, I may have to try it once school lets out for the summer and I have more "spare" time!

  6. Lee, not only do I love your cards... I love your dinner and cleaning philosophy!! Hugs from germany, tj


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