Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I am no Andy Warhol, but I do like Tomato Soup iCAD 22

Janet was kind enough to tell me about a free and here is the link  it loks great , so easy and free all the better.

I watched my favourite show the Voice and I am telling you I just love that Adam Levine from Maroon Five, he is so nice and he seems geniune, in another life ...........

Yes I have decided that I am going to put all my index cards into a Rolidex, here is a snap of it, what I have posted so far, I cant wait till it is all done and all three months are on it.  Then I might even do the other side.  Mini works of my art, that could sit on the coffee table, or in my studio and just flip thru.

I bought some duck cloth and sketched all over it, and I am going to paint it with fabric paint, and make stuff from it.  I was going to start painting yesterday, but the fridge got the best of me and I didnt get it started.  So I am hoping today, I plan on doing no housework and just enjoying the day.  I may go to home depot to get some paint brochres re the free flip flap journal.

 I am thinking of going on a road trip girls only, me and devil dog, going to Winnipeg to visit my sister in July.  I am only at the thinking stage part of the trip,  On July 5 I have to have a special test done, and then we are getting new rugs upstairs, so I want to be here for that.  So we will see if I can fit it all in.  I am busier now then when I was working.

Well this is a pretty long post today with not much in, but you know posting every day you going to get this stuff from me.  I love posting and my blog and my faithful blog readers, just know I appreciate each and every one of you.


  1. Your soup can is great! I think Andy would be proud.

    I just got home with a stack of paint brochures! And I bought myself a Rolodex so I can join in on the fun. There's just too much going on and I want to do everything!!

    I'm looking forward to what you do with your canvas. I have some I bought ages ago for some class and then never used it. It's in the corner of my studio....just waiting.

  2. Your cards collection looks awesome, I just want to start browsing through them right now :)

  3. love the soup can - its almost identical to andys! good work!

  4. ps I think you got janet in to the rolodex art thing too! lol!

  5. Hi Lee, just checking out your new always I enjoyed them...haven't seen all yet, so off the read them as well. Also fingers are crossed that the second test will be okay.
    Have a great day, smiles, Anke ;)


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