Monday, June 06, 2011

Lets get this monday rolling

up early to take devil dog to vet
I am going to get a haircut and pedicure
leftovers for dinner
need some white paint from art store
a little clean up around here
sun is out
cleaning up my car and take it to carwash
feeling way better able to take on the world
whats on your Monday


  1. We're almost on the same hair cut schedule....mine is tomorrow. I'm really enjoying your index card art. They're wonderful little snippets of collage and painting.

  2. Love how you tell it like you see it, in a humorous way! ;o)
    Just returned from walking the pups, here, checking the new blog entries before I get to work! I'm finally getting around to getting this Monday going, a little bit late!

  3. Lee, you made me smile!!! Your humor is too good!!!!
    My monday was alright, kind of a lucky 6 day.....I had a great time with friends tonight...and taking a bike ride earlier and finally taking it easy this afternoon!!!

    Have a great tuesday!!! Smiles, Anke ;)

  4. Hi Lee,
    Great index art cards!
    What a full day you have.
    My Monddays are spent in the office. Blah, I'd much rather be making art!
    Creative hugs,

  5. At least you got to take him to the vet today..I was there yesterday...everything always goes wrong after hours. :(

    My Monday was slow...counting down the days until school is out for Kate. :)

  6. You made me laugh out loud!


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