Tuesday, June 07, 2011

How did I do that

OK i dont think Iam all that and chips (old folks saying) but I wanted to tell you about my index cards.  When I first read about the project at http://daisyyellow.squarespace.com/ I thought to myself nope cant do that no time, wont have any ideas, cant commit to that and went on checking my blogs.  But it stayed in my mind funny how that stays in my mind and my phone number I cant remember.  Anywaty I went back to it, and re read it and thought ok you can do this, you can committ.  But then I decided there had to be a few rules here for me:
1.  Has to be easy
2.  Nothing that requires me in the studio to do this, I wanted to watch TV to do this
3.  Decided to use only use what I had
4.  The card could be anything, one word if I wanted it to be
5.  I was not to get the perfection thing going and not   be able to finish the card because I thought it was not good enough
5. I could use on the card , backgrounds that I had made in the studio eons ago
6. I was only going to use, black pen, white pen, sharpies
7. I was not to be discouraged well looking at other's work and use that favourite phrase of mine, that i wasn't posting because my work was not up to the standard of the others 
8.  I was not to get so involved I forgot about my other art work
9. I was going to have fun, and not stress out over it

So there it is my 9 flexible rules, why I did this.  Now if you have not joined yet you still have time.  So get out your index cards and get creating.

P.s  I just noticed something on my card that i did not finish the other two sides with circles, and of course it bugging me, but i am just going to let it go, because thats just who I am  (not) lol. 


  1. Great rules to follow! And I really really like this index card. It's so colorful and it looks like you had fun with it. I'm finally getting out today to buy some cards so I can play along for the remainder.

  2. yes, I'm with Janet! Those are terrific rules..and I think I live by them too!

    happy creating!

    ciao bella


  3. I like this card a lot...and your rules are wonderful.I love the previous post with the aging card..haha...loved that one!

  4. I love the colors in this. They are full of energy. And your rules are definitely rules to live by.

  5. This is one of the best and most helpful set of rules I've read recently, I'm going to write these rules out for myself and stick them right next to my work desk :)


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