Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Checking the mail

Do you send christmas cards to your friends and  Family?

This is the year I have decided to stop the sending
of Christmas Cards period.  Last year it was to
just family.  Christmas Cards I quess are
old school now, as you can send your
emails, and facebook, and skype, your
wishes.  Years ago (here I go again) my
family (mother etc) would get
a zillion cards, with letters on how
everyone was doing, etc.  But now really
there is no need, we used to have christmas
cards strung all over the house. 


  1. I still send Christmas cards. I love getting snail mail so I hope others do too. I don't get as many Christmas cards as I used to but I still send them anyway.

  2. Merry Christmas! I'm not sending them either this year, too hectic but I find I get less of them every year too so I think it's a trend!

  3. For the last few years, we have sent a family photo card (like the kind you can order from Shutterfly), but I just didn't get in gear to get a family photo taken in time to order the cards. I'm kind of sad that we're not doing it. I'll probably do regular cards, though.

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  5. I'm doing an annual cutback - only realy sending now to old aunties and old computerless relatives mostly, and old friends. The rest get emails, facebook and etc. I'm with you on this one, and I think its the trend!

    ps the other post had too many typos!

  6. I'm still sending cards. Like Janet, I love getting mail and sending it. And catching up with old friends who have moved away, etc. It's a bit of an effort to keep sending them, finding the time in these busy days, but it's still a pleasure for me.

  7. Lee...another great card...you come up with so many cute ideas for your cards...love this! I haven't sent Christmas cards the past few years...scrooge...I know :)

  8. Yes, I will send, probably to late but I will send some to family and friends :)


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