Friday, December 23, 2011

Family Traditions

Every year I buy my daughter a christmas ornament, have been doing this
since she was born, she now has 23.
Do you have a family christmas tradition you want to share


  1. We don't..(Not that I don't want to share's just there there is not a specific tradition.) We get together and have the holiday together..and that's it. :)

  2. Merry Christmas, Lee!

  3. HB and I always buy ourselves a new ornament each year. It began the first year I knew him so we've been doing this since 1990. We have one for each of the 21 years.

  4. oh that is a lovely trad..wish I'd thought of it when the kids were small! Merry Christmas Lee!

  5. I think that's such a great tradition...I loved having a little ornament collection to take along with me when I went out on my own. My dad and his wife buy the girls an ornament every year, and I often do as well, so they are going to have a crazy-big collection when they leave the house!

    We are still in the process of developing our traditions. Going on a winter drive to look at all the Christmas lights is a fun one. Doing the Advent countdown activities has been great. And warm apple cider is a "new find" for me this year, and sure to become a tradition, too.

    Merry Christmas, Lee!

  6. When my sister and I were little girls Santa would leave our presents under the tree but there was always one special gift for each one of us hidden somewhere in the house and this gift was from our "special Christmas Elf".
    I continued this tradition with my three boys and they always loved it.
    Merry Christmas Lee and a Happy, healthy New Year!
    Our elves were named Bimbo and Marty.


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