Saturday, December 03, 2011

Dedicated christmas tree space

Tonight the tree comes up and decorations appear
Question of the day
Do you always put your Christmas Tree in the same place
and do you have more than one you put up?

I can tell you I only have one tree, I always put it in the
same place. I will tell you a little secret if you haven't
figured it out yet, I am quite the precise and that's
a nice word,  kinda of gal, so it goes in the same
space every year. 
Now I guess the next question would be:
Do you decorate your tree by a theme, like
same colors , all balls, or bows

Now I must admit my tree is not a theme tree,
its kinda all over the place, things the
shopper made me when she was little, things
I inherited from my parents, things we
bought when we were married.  But
I do admire beautiful trees that have
a theme, and beautiful ribbons, but
its not me. 


  1. I think we may skip the tree this year (toddler in the house) but we will decorate the mantel with all the most precious decorations. No theme, just one's that are full of memories like our kids births, first house, handmade by friends. I will have to get my fix somewhere else for that evergreen smell.

  2. The tree in the living room goes in the front window and is decorated in red and gold ornaments with clear lights. No ribbons. The tree in the family room goes in the corner windows and is a mish-mash of decorations....some very old and some newer but all the things we love.

    I'm sort of a precise person on some things but as I get older I find I'm not so precise anymore especially if it involves too much work!!

  3. My tree goes in the same spot every year, but only because there is NO other place to put it. It's quite a mish-mash of sentimental objects. I've gotten used to the fact that my son hangs ALL the ornaments in one little clump (even though he is nearly 11 and almost as tall as I am and can reach all parts of the tree). it's all part of the tradition! (and I like your green trees!)

  4. Themed trees look nice in magazines, but I think a tree filled with random, wonderful family memories is the way to go in a "regular" home! We put up tabletop trees while the girls were toddlers, but we think we are ready for a full-size one this year. We'll get it next week, and see how it goes! :-)

  5. I don't always put the tree in the same place and I also do not always use a pine tree as a christmas tree either, a couple of years ago I turned one of my cactus into a christmas tree, wow that most certainly made a great conversation piece that year, then last year I put together some pine branches and had myself a charlie brown christmas tree, this year I am undecided what sort of a tree to create or just go with no tree at all.

  6. Same here, same spot and a wide collection of self-made, or other given things to hang on, I still have a lot from my childhood I got for Christmas, looks pretty as it is every year, lol - I am not that style freak- lol!
    Smiles, Anke :)


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