Friday, December 16, 2011

Card Zone

this beautiful card was made by Sue, don't you just love it
so smartly made I would never of thought of making a tree like that
I love it

this gorgeous card was made by Jan, don't
you love it, its got that ethereal quality to it

This beautiful card is from she is a great artist and has a wonderful blog, full of great art, great color

this is made by my blog friend janet isnt it beautiful
when I opened it I was dazzled, the
picture does not do it justice
go on over to her blog she
explains how she made it

so how are you all doing were almost to the countdown, the presents will be
opened, in how many minutes (lol) the food you loving prepared is
over in how many minutes (lol) and the mess is all yours to clean up
in how many days


  1. Wow! You got some great cards. I love the tree card....very creative. And the blue and white card looks so fresh. The leaves are a perfect touch. Mary always does such fun art. I think her Santa is cute.

    As for the countdown, not much of one here. No big fuss, only a simple meal for two....and HB will do most of the cooking.

  2. Fantastic Christmas cards! What fun it must be to go to YOUR mailbox! :-)

  3. wow, some really cool christmas cards. the chrismas tree is so simple, love it. i think we too often over think our projects. they are all great.

  4. Lee, you got a nice variety of Christmas cards. Love Sue's card, what a great idea! I made two coconut pies tonight...going to my sister's tomorrow for a family celebration...then after that it will be fairly quiet around here.
    Have a great Christmas if I don't make it back here before.


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