Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Truth

How old were you when you knew that Santa was not real?
And Who told you?

I cant remember how old I was , but my sister told
me, when she was mad at me.  First I wouldn't
believe her, then she pointed out some valid
points, like we didn't have fireplace. Every time
we went to see Santa he was a different Santa
etc.  So then when we both knew it became
out mission in life to find every present
before Christmas.  One year we
saw a phone jack in our room, hidden
behind something, so we knew we were
getting a phone, so we searched the
house found it, plugged it in
and had phoned my mother
at work to ask her some dumb question.  She
never knew we found it.  It was princess phone
in pink. Our favourite that year.


  1. Too long ago for me to remember who told me or how old I was! But I never sneaked a peek at any of my presents and still don't. I like getting the surprise on Christmas morning. I know, I'm weird!!

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    We were never taught that there was an actual Santa...he was always a fictional character to me. You sneaky girls...calling your mom on your Christmas phone...haha!

  3. It was a girl called Connie in my class who told me. In Holland we celebrate Sinterklaas. Saint Nicolas we believe lives in Spain and comes to Holland by boat. Round about the 15th of November he arrives, and leaves little presents and goodies in childrens' shoes. On the evening of Dec. 5th, IF you've been good, he'll bring you the jackpot of lots of presents...

    Anyway.. Connie told me that it's the local Scouts who dress up and pretend they are Sinterklaas and his helpers. Of course she was right, but at the time I was ready to scratch her eyes out for being such a liar. ;)

  4. Mmmh, good question? I can't remember either, but I always accidentally found the Christmas present I Never wanted to see them! That was not fun either, lol! Especially if you love surprises, lol!!!!

    Sounds like you and your sister were for sure some energyful siblings, lol....kind of sounds like my girls! :)

    Smiles, Anke :)

  5. Oh I love it! You're so sneaky! That is totally something I would have done with the phone too. :)

    When writing her letter to Santa this year, Kate was asking me how to spell stuff. When I mentioned she should write down this Crayola thing she wanted she said, "I saw that up in daddy's closet. I saw it. In a box." I had to scramble and tell her that it would be our secret that she saw it and that we wouldn't want to hurt Daddy's feelings if he knew that she knew about it... She is still asking about tracking Santa on the 24th and leaving cookies for him...but she doesn't want to sit on his lap anymore.. she's 5. I have no idea when any of this stuff took place for me. :) Love your phone story.


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