Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Fa La La La and all that stuff

the daily question is "Do you like the Old Christmas Songs or the new 20 the century ones"

I like some of the old ones, and some of the new ones, some
bring back memories I have forgotten.
  What is your favourite
Christmas song?

I am taking a little poll, are you sick of all these Christmas questions and
art that I am doing for the month of December? Are you thinking
of not coming back till January? Let me know, because I
can change it up.


  1. My favorite Christmas song is "Oh Holy Night"....and I also like "We Three Kings" But truthfully, by the time Christmas finally arrives I'm usually sick to death of hearing Christmas music!

    I'm enjoying your Christmas posts. It's fun to hear how you celebrate and the things you like or don't like.

  2. I like a mix of both! Like Janet though by the end of the season I am sick of it too! Nah...keep going with your xmas posts... at least you can think of things to say unlike me!

  3. I love the title of this post! LOL. I am listening to a new CD of Christmas classics (sung by the originals, like Bing Crosby), and I really like it! I definitely like the traditional songs, and not modern songs, though I don't mind it when traditional songs are sung by modern singers (if that makes sense!).

  4. I like almost all Christmas music. My favorite is Away in a Manger, sung by my little friend (and "adopted" granddaughter) Kimberly. And for fun, I like Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt.

  5. I agree. I like a mix of old and new but I am a little bit superstitious and don't like to play them once new year is over.

  6. I like "Do You Hear What I Hear?"...I think that's the name and I like "Santa Baby" by Eartha Kitt.

  7. Acutally some of the older ones I like, I don't know the name, lol and I do love some of the new ones from Coldplay, Train, and the rest I can't remember the name again...I am so bad with keeping that in my mind, unless I was listening to special groups/Cd's for a while and know for sure, lol

    Smiles, Anke :)


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