Friday, December 02, 2011

Deck the halls

Its December 2 and the question of the day is
"When do you decorate your house and put up the tree"

Well usually I do all this stuff on the 18th of the month
and take it down on the 26th.  But this month
i am breaking my stringent rules, throwing caution to
the wind and putting the tree up and the decorations
on Saturday.  I am going out of my comfort zone (lol)
and breaking free as the shopper says.


  1. Hello Lee. I usually put up the tree on the last Sunday before Christmas. Around about 3-4pm then settle down in the candle light with mince pies and a drink, before writing the last of my cards(for hand delivery). Tree comes down on 12th night of course.

  2. You're such a rebel!

    Usually I try to do my trees right after Thanksgiving but this year HB and I have been discussing whether or not we even want to do them this year. When it's just the two of us, it seems like a lot of work but maybe we'll have a change of heart.

  3. good for you! we were going to put the tree up today but its going to be v v v v v hot this weekend so going to give it a miss and try later in the week when its cooled down!

  4. HI Lee...we've opened the decorations..but I limited everyone to 2 (Kate's idea to open them in the first place)...not a fan of clutter here, so I usually hold out as long as possible..but Kevin will be gone half of December so I have to put the tree up on Tuesday or it will be too late.

  5. strung my first string of lights outside the house last night and will do the rest today. I wasn't feel in the mood at all, but took advantage of a warm afternoon to get out the ladder and do the most time consuming bit of the job. Of course as soon as I plugged them in "just to test them" I was flooded with excitement and immediately called my son outside to see. we stood together in the twilight planning and dreaming. Now I'm ready for more!

  6. Go you! My family has a tradition of getting a house in the mountains for Christmas, so our idea of putting up the tree is wandering around the day before christmas eve looking for a tree. We usually find a walmart that still has a couple, though we've always considered breaking into a lot that sells them and leaving $20.


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