Thursday, December 22, 2011

lets get together

Today was a lunch with best friends, and exchange of gifts,
I bought a couple of prints from one of my favourite artists
on her website, mounted them, painted the canvas, and some
other things for them.  They loved them.  I love giving
gifts that mean something.  We had a great lunch
and a good time.  We don't just do it at Christmas
we try to all get together at least once a month
you need to keep in touch with friends.  We need
family, but you also need friends.


  1. i would totally agree. it is so easy though to shut yourself off with work and family commitments. but friends keep you sane.

  2. You're so right...but most of my friends don't live anywhere near me. I miss getting together with them. It sounds like you had a good time with your friends and I'm sure they liked their gifts. Art from you is always a treasure.

  3. wow that sounds like a terrific day! that reminds me - I have 4 prints to mount ..maybe after xmas is over!


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